How to Choose a Fence Contractor

Looking for the right fence contractor need not be a daunting task. Though fencing companies are not created equal - meaning, they will not be able to give you the same benefits - there are general  parameters that you can use to assess them and determine whether or not they are right for you.


All service-oriented businesses online flaunt their experience, but how exactly will this matter for you? For example, if a fence contractor says they have a 20-year history behind them, does that mean the business was established 20 years ago, but the current working crew doesn't necessarily have that much individual experience? Was that 20-year experience spent mostly doing chain-link fences or wood fences? As you can see, this part can be quite tricky. To erase all doubts from your mind, ask the commercial fencing and gates contractor any question you might have.


Aside from being experienced, your fence contractor should also have a reputation for using quality materials and long-term guarantees. For example, while many fence companies use iron with a guarantee of about five years, you should look for one that can give you up to 20 years. Never ever settle for substandard materials.


The quality of the supporting systems for a fence is just as critical as that of the fence itself. Even if you have the best materials and the best installation team, the fence will not hold up if the quality of the supporting systems used is questionable.

Professional Affiliations

Fence companies sarasota that are members of trade associations are worth considering. While membership in these groups doesn't guarantee that they will do a great job, it does speak volumes about the level of commitment they have for their job and their industry.


All reputable fence contractors have both worker's compensation and liability insurance, and you shouldn't try working with one that doesn't have both. If your contractor has insurance, you will not be responsible for workers getting injured on site or for property damage, if any. Of course, if a contractor tells you they're insured, don't just take their word for it. Ask for proof.

Client References

Make sure to ask at least three client references from each fence contractor you're considering. And when you get some, make sure to call them and ask them what they can say about the contractor, and whether they are happy to recommend the company to you.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get a feel of a fence contractor's reputation. However, to get accurate information, just stick to third-party consumer websites that feature authentic and credible reviews. Marketing websites usually feature manufactured and misleading testimonials, which means they are not reliable.

As you can see, you probably won't find the right fence contractor overnight. Reading online reviews and calling client references alone can take time, but rest assured that the results will be well worth your effort. For more info, visit:

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